• We serve food daily.
  • Every Saturday we have breakfast, alternating between biscuits and gravy or breakfast burritos.
  • Customers receive a $4 sign up bonus for signing up in our players club.
  • Silver, Gold, and Platinum members receive match play coupons they can redeem weekly.
  • We offer discreet parking in the back of our casino, along with a back entry.
  • We have a great variety of machines that include 3 U1's!!


Happy Hour

3x points Monday-Thursday 4pm-6pm!

Senior Citizen Match Play

  • Mon and Tues
  • Must be 55 years or older
  • 8am-12pm

Wheel Spin

  • Every Sunday we'll randomly draw machine numbers to choose winner.
  • Person chosen will spin wheel to determine cash prize.

Competitive tier matching

  • If a customer is at a higher tier in another casinos players club, they may bring in a coupon or proof of higher tier and we will match the tier in our players club.

Industry Night

  • Tuesday and Wednesday
  • $20 match play
  • Bonus for coming in 8 consecutive weeks!

Progressive raffle tickets

  • Draw a ticket every time you come in, oncer per shift for a chacne to win cash!
  • One ticket (progressive ticket) doubles if not won previous week